Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Group Photos In Suzhou And Shanghai

Gukai told us that the handrails of the pavilion called "美人靠". So Alarico and I made such poses~

The marshmallow at Guanqian Jie is more delicious than else where. It is thiner, softer and melt so quickly.

The direct translation from the classical Chinese writing to English by Stan was extremly expressive. Everyone were so quite and been shocked.

We were closer at the third day.

The farewell party for Ufuk!

The super star!
All the People in Architecture studies can sing well!!!! I'm serious!

We were counting how much budget we had to order the food.

We like sitting closer to each other at Pingjiang Kezhan.
A short journey from Suzhou to Shanghai. Almost everyone fell asleep except 3 of us!
Stan lead us to the Shanghai Expo. The building was introduced by the architect. Stan also contributed alot of suggestions to the building. The critique between them inspired me to think about some questions that I never thought before.

The best birthday party that i had~Thank you all my friends.

Everyone was kissing me~~
I even got a birthday cake from my professor. Lucky me~!

The Last day we had dinner together.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ARCH1201 Project 3 Art Gallery


The surrounding silent and humble environment would be a good place for art enthusiasts. In public circulation aspect, the force of the railway station, the crowded King Street, the post office and commonwealth bank is notable. The strong contrast with a silent and humble park on the back of the site is expressed in the urban fabric created the spot as the best site for my gallery. It is the heart but the subtle place of Newtown. The gallery is mean to be a resting point taken out from the busy main street. The specific kind of customers who likes the art would stop and purify their mind to approach the gallery.

As the art gallery is commercial, the most important characteristics must be its comfortable(convenient) journey and the attraction. First of all, as considered the environment surround the skinny long site, I designed 3 openings for this gallery. The main entrance is located on the front façade, with a large art work behind the glazing wall to attract passerby’s attention. To provide a short cut for people who walking in the park behind, they can enter the secondary entrance through the courtyard. I inherit the feature of the park in my sculpture courtyard, so when people walk to the end of the park, there is an attractive path continuing with the park. In another way or function of the path, is when people enter through the front entrance, they will see a beautiful view of the courtyard, and the park seems be part of the courtyard and gallery. The third opening is for private delivering use, with a large storage room besides it.


Initial Influence
Mylyn Nguyen - "But how do we get up there?", 2009, felt on clay, ink on paper.
She made sculptures who live in the furnitures. The everyday used furnitures became a landscape for little people, which inspired me about the idea of selling artwork on the landscape.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Street view

There is an illusion of the park belonging to the gallery.

The skylights in the roof are designed to relect a diffused light around the exhibition space and circulation space.

the light through the courtyard interests the costomers.
In the half way of the journey, people can suddenly see the amazing view of the courtyard and the park.

ground level entrance with light filter through a series of slices. Shafts of light suggest the familiar broken sunlight of the trees in the park, it is created vividly in the late afternoon.

opening on the sculpture courtyard

Living area and office are underneath, on the ground floor.

The circulation in my gallery is very simple, a staircase links with the exhibition spaces continued with a ramp to the park. I seperate the number of steps on the stair to create a rhythm of visiting different exhibition areas.

Attracting people who is walking in the park

The shape of the roof mirrors the “hill like” courtyard, skylight in both overhang and hill allows light to filter through the levels below.

show north sunlight

Perspective Drawings

Site 1
Ground Level:following the starcase to visit the private area. The first space is the office which enclose a balcony with the bedroom for the owner. Then the workshop, bathroom and kitchen are opposite of the bedroom. Considering costomers may visit the office, so the office is set beside the entrance of the ground floor. People in the office can not see other private space unless they walk around.
First Level: From the main entrance, there is a wall with a large painting behind the glass exterior attracting people who walking on the street. After a few steps, they will enter the main exhibition space, and a secondary exhibition behind it. The stair is continued with the ramp in the sculpture courtyard outside, then continued with the path in the park.

Rough Models